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How Healthy Habits in the Workplace Can Improve Your Life

Published : Tue, Aug 23, 2022 4:00 PM GMT

A workplace with time tends to get boring due to the repetitive daily routine. It can further affect your life by altering your posture; your muscles could suffer from hypertrophy- posing a drastic effect on your health. Hence, it is salient that several healthy habits are established in a workplace by the owners and employees for a healthier and more effective lifestyle. This article pins down all the habits that you must adopt to enjoy your time in the office while maintaining your health.


Healthy Habits to be adopted by Business Owners

Nearly every business owner narrates the singular fact that for a successful business, the environment of the office is crucial. This not only helps everyone work easily, but it further helps move the company forward and accomplish more without any hassle. The bottom line is a clean environment is very important for your well-being.

Stock the Cafeteria with Healthy Snacks

In most workplaces around the world, the employees are free to bring whatever they want to the kitchen or cafeteria. Although you cannot change this directly, any snacks sold or offered in the office could be healthy. This will result in their ways slowly changing and lead to healthier eating habits.

You could offer healthy snacks in the break room. When you feel inclined to reward your employees, you may give them a healthy snack. There are several shops where you can find calorie-free sweets which will encourage and appreciate the employee without spoiling their health.


Make Sure Everyone is Hydrated

One of the most forgotten aspects of a healthy life is staying hydrated. It is essential to remind people to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fresh water yourself, too, to increase their productivity level.

To initiate this, you might arrange water dispensers in the office at intervals. Water filters could be added as well to provide fresh water for everyone working over there. Reminders could be pasted on walls or directed to the employees to emphasize the importance of drinking healthy water. This will inevitably revitalize your employees and encourage them to work proficiently.

Motivate Movement

Unfortunately, nowadays, our workplaces offer desk jobs where people spend hours in a damaging position. The lack of movement damages their spine, and their muscles get weaker with time due to inactivity. To prevent this, you must bring incentives that stimulate movement. 

Simple exercise machines could be set up in the office, for instance, the treadmills for employees to exercise when tired. An exercise hour could be set when employees have to stop working and exercise, in the gym or in the office. Games could be introduced with rewards at the end to encourage employees to participate. A game hour would be ideal, and the rewards could be money or healthy snacks to motivate the employees to take part.


Arrange Habits into Friendly Competitions

A lack of challenges can make the environment of the office dull and repetitive. Adding a few challenges to the routine- they could be daily, weekly, or monthly, will convert your office into a passionate workplace focusing on goals, offering valuable prizes to all those who reach the goals in the set time.

The goals could be to maintain a certain weight, to eat healthy foods for a week, etc. However, these habits should last long beyond the competition. You must ensure that the challenges inspire everyone to work together towards a healthier lifestyle instead of just winning competitions.

Healthy Habits to be adopted by Employees 

Spending several hours in the same place every day can be a hassle. One can either waste hours or get things done smartly, and I think we all prefer the latter. For that, one must be healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. A set of good habits are essential for letting one grow in an environment without any adverse effects on their own self that they might regret later. Make sure to also keep a healthly work life balance.




Take Short Breaks

Taking breaks can help you concentrate more easily. According to researchers, taking short breaks during tasks helps increase productivity and performance. Working on a task for too long, on the contrary, could lead to declined effort and hence, a declined performance. 

You could set out short breaks of 10 or 15 minutes after every hour. During the break, you could stretch or go for a walk around the office to help your muscles get moving for better working. 

Use the “Two-Minute Rule”

The two-minute rule, suggested by a great entrepreneur, is that if you have been given a task that can be done within 2 minutes, it should be done immediately. Completing the task right away will decrease the workload as when that task is returned, it may take longer to finish.

Standing Meetings should be Held

As the name suggests, the members of the meeting could be standing. Walking through the office can be sought as well if the office is quiet. If a meeting is absolutely necessary, a standing meeting, according to research, is more beneficial as it benefits the body and increases attentiveness. 

The meeting time could be set to 10 or 15 minutes to make sure that the members don’t get tired from standing, which will give the opposite effect instead.




The Bottom Line

The solution to a heavy workload is not adding in extra hours of continuous work in a slouched position. Instead, take a step back, and realize that you need to work smarter, not harder, to bring about your desired effect. Focus on your health and the health of those around you to establish a prosperous environment.



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