SMART CONNECT and the SMART CONNECT app for IOS and Android is an innovative and smart technology system used for quality assurance as well as comprehensive client communications. This guarantees a closed-loop system and ensures all program information is captured in a central repository and targeted metrics are properly benchmarked and available upon demand.

Mobile Surveys

SMARTCONNECT Mobile Surveys can be done with QR codes, making it faster and simpler to get the job done.

  • Access custom surveys quickly by using a mobile device to scan a QR code and complete the survey.

  • We increase productivity by tracking trends in the data gained from SmartConnect surveys

  • We enhance client retention by building better relationships with each unique client

Job Scheduling

We improve client retention and productivity through better scheduling and automatic reminders.

  • Demonstrate compliance to contract specifications

  • Customize schedules to unique client needs

  • Record daily and periodic services

  • Set automatic reminders


We achieve higher client retention and 

satisfaction through SMART CONNECT,

by correcting deficiencies before they become an issue.

  • Perform detailed inspections

  • Correct deficiencies

  • Track trends to improve service

  • Provide clients with proof of performance

Work Orders

We gain client trust by simplifying how clients submit work orders and receive instant feedback.

  • Instantly distribute work orders to those responsible

  • Automatically escalate work orders to management

  • Track communication in one place

  • Monitor and manage the satisfaction of each client