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Auraclean has adopted a Green Clean program for our professional office cleaning services which includes; the use of products that are Eco Logo certified, including chemicals, paper and hand soaps. The use of plastic liners which contain at least 10% post-consumer recycled content and the use of equipment that is LEED compliant.

"Your quality and service shines! 1000 students attend classes throughout the week and our studios are always clean, neat and fresh smelling at the start of every day. Thank-you!"

Janice Rae, Administrator
The Second City Training Center – Toronto


Auraclean is concerned about our environment and the impact of harmful cleaning chemicals used in your facilities. That is why we use “Eco Logo” certified cleaning products which are eco-friendly, non-toxic and are proven green cleaning methods.

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Paper rolls

Paper Products

Paper products leave a rather large footprint on our environment. That’s why Auraclean has opted to use paper suppliers that have a Green Quality line of products and “Eco Logo” certified. 

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Auraclean uses premium liners which contain post-consumer recycled content and or are bio-degradable.

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We use top of the line industrial grade cleaning equipment certified and approved to be USGBC LEED compliant.

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Auraclean is a Certified "Canadian Green Sustainability" Service Provider

Green cleaning is defined as a cleaning program designed with the health of building occupants, caretaking staff, and the environment as a primary concern.

A Green Cleaning Program is designed around chemicals, products, equipment, and procedures that are chosen with the specific intent of minimizing toxicity in the environment, and minimizing the consumption of natural resources, ultimately leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible during the cleaning process. To learn more about how you can transform your office to a green clean environment, fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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