The concept of cleaning for health — rather than for appearance only

has gained momentum over the years with Auraclean and its customers. Facility managers now have a better understanding of how cleaning can affect the building’s occupants, and consumers are becoming more savvy on the subject thanks to the media. Cleaning with an eye on health helps reduce “sick building syndrome,” infections and respiratory problems — and it benefits not only the building’s occupants, but also the cleaning employees, since cleaner and healthier workplaces tend to experience less absenteeism among workers.


With more people realizing that their environment has an effect on their wellness, Auraclean’s cleaning for health program is a key issue for our customers. Avoiding cross-contamination, following the best practices to create a healthier clean and avoiding toxic cleaning procedures where possible is our goal.


When cleaning a variety of surfaces Auraclean uses microfiber cloths because of their ability to pick up dirt and dust better than other fabrics. Body contact points are cleaned with a germicidal detergent. Auraclean helps to reduce cross-contamination by color coding cleaning equipment so that certain tools are used only for certain tasks. In other words, that micro fiber cloth that was used on the desktop or phone won’t make its way to the sink taps.


There is also value to color coding when dealing with English-challenged employees, it can be a quick visual: If someone is using a cloth of the wrong color, it raises some immediate questions and concerns.


Auraclean creates a system that suits the facility’s needs and is easily understood by cleaners. We use a standard coding system: red for high-risk cleaning such as toilets; yellow for restroom surfaces plus counters, sinks and mirrors; blue for low-risk areas like windows, dusting and desks; and green for food service areas. We don’t dry any touched surfaces. Almost everything gets wet-wiped and then dries on its own so the disinfectant will be on surfaces long enough to kill the germs.


When cleaning floors Auraclean uses ergonomic microfiber mops used in conjunction with advanced bucket systems to help stop cross-contamination. These microfiber mops have proven to be an asset to any cleaning arsenal because of its ability to pick up dirt and dust better than other fabrics.