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How Professional Cleaning Companies Help Prevent Workplace Illness

Published : Mon, Jul 31, 2023 4:00 AM GMT

When it comes to maintaining a shared office space with dozens of individuals, standard cleaning tactics used in homes and apartments fall short. Commercial buildings require a specialized approach to ensure surfaces and spaces are adequately cleaned. This need becomes even more critical in the face of rampant viruses and diseases. To combat the spread of illnesses among employees, we strongly recommend hiring a professional cleaning company for your office. Read on to discover why this proactive measure is essential for a healthy work environment.


Office Desks, Handsets, and Keyboards:

It is a well-known fact that smartphones can harbor more germs than toilet seats due to frequent handling and infrequent cleaning. The same principle applies to office desks, handsets, and keyboards, which accumulate germs and bacteria over time. These workplace germ hotspots can cause serious illness. Relying on employees to clean these surfaces themselves is often ineffective due to forgetfulness. Hence, the services of professional cleaning companies become indispensable, ensuring comprehensive disinfection and cleanliness.



Restrooms in office buildings with a large number of employees must be cleaned regularly to prevent them from becoming unsanitary. Depending on the traffic, some commercial buildings undergo restroom cleaning up to 4-5 times a day. Adequate supplies of soap, hand sanitizers, and toilet seat sanitizers should be readily available, with signs emphasizing the importance of handwashing after each restroom visit. There are numerous benefits of having a restroom cleaning service for your business. By prioritizing restroom cleanliness, the spread of disease and germs can be effectively mitigated, safeguarding employee health.


High-Touch Surfaces:

Imagine the number of times an entryway doorknob or handle is touched in a bustling office building. Each touch transfers germs and bacteria from one person's hands to the surface, which then spreads to subsequent individuals who come into contact with it. While some preventive measures like hand sanitizers and handwashing signs are helpful, it is crucial to have professional cleaning companies deep clean and disinfect these high-touch surfaces at least once or twice a week. This approach effectively suppresses the spread of germs, microbes, and viruses, ultimately improving air quality by reducing allergens. Complementing these efforts with an air purifier integrated into the HVAC system further enhances workplace cleanliness.


Elevator Buttons and Escalator Handles:

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Often overlooked, elevator buttons and escalator handles are frequently touched without a second thought. The more people interact with these surfaces, the easier it becomes for illnesses to propagate uncontrollably. While many individuals may not consider cleaning these surfaces, professional cleaning companies prioritize their attention to areas known for harboring the most dirt and germs.


Tackling Smudged Surfaces:

Have you ever been frustrated by the smudged windows near your office desk, impairing your view? Perhaps the mirrors in the building or restroom are perpetually dirty. Such surfaces quickly accumulate grime, fingerprints, and grease marks from even the lightest touch. In a busy office environment, finding time to clean these surfaces regularly can be challenging. However, professional cleaning companies employ expert teams capable of efficiently and effectively restoring the cleanliness of these smudged surfaces. It is important to note that these cleaning efforts extend beyond aesthetics, as every time someone touches these surfaces, they leave behind germs that can be transmitted to others.


Meeting Rooms:

Conference and meeting rooms, perpetually occupied by employees engaged in their work, often suffer from neglect and clutter. Litter, crumbs, and food droppings are common occurrences, creating an environment that can attract unwanted pests and insects if not properly cleaned. Since multiple individuals frequently touch the surfaces in these rooms, it is imperative to have them regularly cleaned to ensure they are free from harmful germs.


Kitchens and Cafeteria Spaces:

High-traffic areas like kitchens and cafeterias are frequented by employees throughout the day, serving as social hubs and nourishment centers. Consequently, it is vital to maintain cleanliness in these spaces to prevent garbage accumulation, crumbs, and debris. Professional cleaning services should be employed at least once a week to eliminate any potential attractants for pests and mice, ensuring a hygienic environment for all.



Regardless of whether you are a facility manager, business owner, or property management company, it is crucial to prioritize the cleanliness of your office building. By hiring a professional cleaning company for your office, you gain access to experts who understand how to effectively clean and disinfect high-traffic zones, significantly reducing workplace illnesses. Take the proactive step today and invest in the health and well-being of your employees through the expertise of professional cleaning services.


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