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How to Make Your Office more Zen

Published : Fri, Aug 26, 2022 4:00 PM GMT

It is not something most people think about, but the state of your office space can significantly impact your productivity, well-being, and ability to focus on work.

If you spend several hours a day in an office, whether at home or somewhere else, it is important to pay attention to how your environment makes you feel and how you can improve it to make you happier and more productive. 


Before you start working, take a few minutes to make your space as clean and Zen-like as possible. 

Nobody likes to work in chaos, and sometimes it helps to open the window, turn on some music and wipe off your desk before you begin thinking about your first task of the day. 

This article will take you through how to make your office more Zen and how cleaning and maintenance can benefit you eventually.


Is your desk cluttered with papers? Do you have a hard time finding your pen or pencils? A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind. 


Clutter at work can cause distractions and reduce your concentration level. To improve your productivity, it is essential to declutter as much as possible - keep only what you need close by. 

Similar principles can be applied when cleaning up digital messes, too!

Add Soft lighting

Your office should be a place where you feel productive and relaxed. A clean and Zen office starts with decluttering your desk and surfaces. 

Soft lighting can also help create a calming atmosphere. Most offices are plagued with one of these four common lighting problems:

Bad and overexposed strip lighting

Flickering lights

Dim lights

A lack of any natural light

Bad lighting can damage people's health and vision—not to mention the designs themselves. Increasing natural light—having windows means opening your office space to the rest of the world, letting in fresh air and sunlight. 

Using soft-light bulbs—soft light is easier on the eyes, and lessening eye strain also helps people stay focused for longer periods. 

Avoid single sources of light that hang down from the ceiling as they create harsh lines and unnatural 'spotlights' - instead, opt for spread-out lamps where no two lamps are pointing at each other.

Pick Colors Wisely

Select your color palette with care. Cool tones such as blues and greens will keep you serene, while warm tones such as yellows and oranges excite you. 


Avoid pastel shades which can make rooms seem bland or gloomy, and dark colors, which can make them feel depressing. Find a balance between neutrals such as taupe's, creams, greys, white and black - all serve to provide an anchor for the eye without being too distracting - mixed with carefully placed pops of bright color here and there throughout the room to liven things up a bit.

Clean and Maintain Your Office

How your office looks impacts how people perceive you as a company if they are quick to judge you as unprofessional just from the condition of your building - they will be equally quick to pass up working with or purchasing from you. 

With that in mind, making sure your business premises are neat will make for a better first impression, giving off the sense that not only is your company worthy of their patronage but also worth investing time into collaborating or interacting with them.

Studies show that distraction in the workplace can hurt productivity, costing businesses valuable man-hours thanks to employees' inability to focus when there's clutter surrounding them - which makes tidying up a worthwhile endeavor. These healthly habits can have a big impact on your well-being.

Cleanliness also reduces the chances of your employees getting sick. Bacteria thrive in office environments because people spend so many days there. Keeping your workplace clean can reduce sickness and lost workdays. Make sure the office cleaning crew does a great job so you can focus on your work.

You are well-advised to implement an excellent cleaning strategy, which is integral to sustaining an environment that will enable you to keep working hard at what you do best. 

When your workplace is clean and free of clutter, you will find it easier to stay organized. 

You will be able to find documents quickly because they are sorted out nicely instead of being thrown around in a messy pile on your desk. 

Add More Greens

Working in a clean and organized office can help you feel more productive and motivated throughout the day. Adding some greenery to your office can help create a more calming and serene environment. 


Studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress and improve air quality. Plants do not just make dull spaces look more beautiful; they also bring in humidity and help clean indoor air. 

Plants can also reduce stress, so if you are feeling anxious, it might be worth taking a little time out of your day to pick up some potted plants that are bright (or even plain) but appealing to you. 

If you do not have time to take care of plants, consider hiring a professional cleaning or janitorial service that can help keep your office clean and looking its best. 

Include Music

Science has proven that music can provide many benefits. Depending on its nature, music can be mentally stimulating, comforting, or even refreshing. 


Listen to different styles of music until you find one that suits your personality best. 

For some people, silence in an office environment may be distracting; for others, it provides mental peace and tranquility. 

You are free to experiment with these various sounds until you find one that helps you best thrive in your profession.


The benefits of a clean and Zen office are well-documented. Not only does it improve employee morale, but it also creates a healthier and more productive work environment. 

While you can try to keep your office clean on your own, sometimes it is best to leave it to the professionals. That is where Disinfecting and Janitorial Services come in. 

These services can help deep clean your office and get rid of any germs or bacteria that may be lurking around. 

Plus, they can help keep your office looking its best so you can focus on what is important - running your business!



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