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Why your building needs a disinfecting service

Published : Wed, Nov 16, 2022 5:00 PM GMT

If you're a tenant in an apartment complex or a condominium, you've probably checked off areas outside your home as problems of the landlord or broader management. While that's all well and good in terms of maintenance and smaller tweaks, some things like making sure the building is sanitized and disinfected on the regular are very much something you should take part in and think about.

You might ponder why you should be responsible or even involved in consideration of something that clearly falls under the domain of the building owners. Well, we urge you to rethink this as we put forth all the reasons you should be involved in picking a disinfecting service for your commercial or residential building.

Contamination is not an individual process.

The answer to your why I should care in terms of disinfecting the entire building is that a shared space like an apartment complex or a condominium is basically brimming with people, and if the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it's that lots of people mean trouble. There is only a certain point up to which you can turn a blind eye towards any contamination or infection spread that might start in your building.

For instance, if there's a shared gymnasium, mailboxes, or garbage disposal, then you should be more than ready to be on the verge of some germ infection making its way to you. Of course, taking individual measures yourself can help, but it is just not reasonable in places that a frequented by so many people unless you can convince them to regularly do the same, which is honestly a long shot. The only viable solution: a disinfecting service to cover the job.

You might be putting your family's health in jeopardy.

While decisions pertaining to the outside of your apartment or condo may not be your problem, when their impact is likely to seep into your home, then you should very much be making the consideration of disinfecting services your concern. Utilizing the public facilities of your building or simply even passing through non-sanitized areas makes it probable that disease or germs are being carried into your family's life.

Additionally, where your close ones and children are concerned, then you can rely on anyone else to make better and more informed decisions than yourself. If you feel that your recommendation and research might not be valued, then remember that as a tenant, you have a right to a safe and healthy space for your family and yourself, and communicating this right to your landlord is a good start.

Taking individual measures might not be enough.

Even if you've seasoned your family about taking appropriate steps to ensure their safety, such as disinfecting surfaces before touching them, wiping elevator buttons before pushing them, or even applying sanitizer afterward, you're only taking care of half the problem. Disinfecting surfaces on a professional level is a broader task that has a much greater impact.

The thing is, even if all the tenants were to start adopting individual measures of self-preservation, the effort would still not be enough. It is important, actually even essential, to make sure that your building is being provided with disinfecting services every other month. If this is something that occurs scarcely where you reside, then you definitely need to take a stand.

You rightfully deserve a safe and healthy environment.

The fact that you put down money every month to reside in your building entitles you to a lot more than just living space; it also makes you eligible to be provided with a good and safe space for you and your family. Sometimes, simply cleaning, even on a broader level, is not enough to curb the spread of disease and infections. If you see your landlord not measuring up to what your contract and the general ambiance of where you live promises, you have to get involved.

In addition to making sure your building or condominium is as clean on the outside as it is in your personal unit, inquire about green echo-friendly cleaning services. Clean is important, green clean is better for you and the environment.

Auraclean provides the most reliable and customer-friendly disinfecting services, and the best part is that you can reach out to them to learn about customized plans too. Pitch their excellent services over to those in charge of your building and make sure you're in control of your health and of those around you.



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